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Risk assessment & safety performance indicators in designing and constructing phase of Agglomeration Project, Bafgh (28343 Downloads)
Occupational hazards in welding industry (17974 Downloads)
Comparison of 70% alcohol, Deconex, H2O2 and UV Light for disinfection of surfaces and equipment’s infertility Research laboratory of Yazd (16795 Downloads)
The temperature variation of the maximum oxygen uptake and time to exhaustion in the spinning factory workers (15149 Downloads)
Pulmonary effects of chronic cement dust exposure (14469 Downloads)
Anthropometric survey among Iranian Fars workers in factories in the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan and Fars (8389 Downloads)
Evaluation of respiratory effects of occupational exposure to pesticides (7095 Downloads)
Evaluation of the effectiveness of psychological capital intervention of Luthans on job burnout in the experts working in Iran Khodro Diesel Company (7037 Downloads)
Evaluation of work-related accidents in Sari forests exploitation workers (6986 Downloads)
بینایی سنجی در معاینات شغلی (6774 Downloads)
صنعت آبکاری، مواجهات و مخاطرات (6427 Downloads)
Effectiveness of control measures to reduce the risk level of work-related hazards in one of Ceramic Industries (6331 Downloads)
Health risk assessment of harmful chemicals in order to provide control guidelines: case study in a polyurethane foam industry (6224 Downloads)
Job stress dimensions and their relationship to general health status in nurses (6211 Downloads)
The welders posture assessment by OWAS technique (5988 Downloads)
اهمیت ارگونومی در افزایش بهره وری و بهبود عملکرد کارکنان وزارت بهداشت، درمان وآموزش پزشکی (5686 Downloads)
Study of occupational noise - induced hearing loss in a tractor manufacturing plant (5379 Downloads)
Identification and evaluation of human errors of physicians at emergency ward of an educational hospital in Semnan city using SHERPA technique (5336 Downloads)
Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among firefighters of Isfahan (5169 Downloads)
Heat stress Regulations and standards: The key to preventing heat-related illness (5127 Downloads)
A research about Health promoting activities (lifestyle) at employees (5066 Downloads)
The effect of one exhausted exercise session on serum serotonin and prolactin level of men runners (4863 Downloads)
Identification and evaluation of human errors using SHERPA technique among nurses at emergency ward of an educational hospital in Semnan city, Iran (4731 Downloads)
Assessment of occupational exposure of battery industrial workers by lead metal (4708 Downloads)
Assessment of factors affecting safety culture in Yazd steel industry workers (4635 Downloads)
Identification and evaluation of performance indicators affecting human error, based on fuzzy logic (An operation center of Gas transmission company) (4582 Downloads)
A Study of the Relationship between the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Road Accidents among Truck Drivers (4575 Downloads)
The relationship between rating of perceived exertion scale and heart rate in the normal-weight and overweight individuals under warm and hot experimental conditions (4523 Downloads)
Evaluation of heat stress based on WBGT index and its relationship with physiological parameter of sublingual temperature in bakeries of Arak city (4442 Downloads)
The effects of exposure to pesticides on the fecundity status of farm workers resident in a rural region of Fars province, southern Iran (4373 Downloads)
The assessment of occupational exposure of operation room personnel to isoflurane anesthetic gas (4351 Downloads)
Assessment of unsafe behavior types by safety behavior sampling method in oil refinery workers in 2009 and suggestions for control (4300 Downloads)
The investigation of OSHA indexes and the pattern of work-related accidents at the Mazandaran wood and paper industry between 2007 and 2013 (4298 Downloads)
Change analyze before and after the implementation of integrated management systems (IMS) using safety performance monitoring indicators (4257 Downloads)
introduction the methods of measuring blood lead level (4089 Downloads)
Job stress and work-related stressors in prison staff (4030 Downloads)
Evaluation of cholinesterase level in workers exposed to organophosphates (3968 Downloads)
The relationship between emotional expressiveness and self efficacy with burnout in workers of municipality (3825 Downloads)
Adaptation of clinical practice guidelines for manual titration of CPAP and BPAP in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (3823 Downloads)
Oxidative stress in jobs with exposure to xenobiotics (3818 Downloads)
Risk assessment of musculoskeletal disorder by RULA method, and effect evaluation of ergonomic training on tailor working conditions (3807 Downloads)
Comparison of the situation of safety, hygiene and work conditions by a participatory ergonomics approach in a pharmaceutical company in Iran (3801 Downloads)
Survey of bioaerosols type and concentration in the ambient air of hospitals in Damghan, Iran (3759 Downloads)
Relationship between knowledge of ergonomics and work-place conditions with musculoskeletal disorders among nurses of two Iranian hospitals (3706 Downloads)
Evaluation of sleep disorders in flight crew and ground staff worker in Iran private flight airline in 2010 (3673 Downloads)
Assessment of potential hazards by Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) method in Shiraz Oil Refinery (3661 Downloads)
Office workers’Mental health and job strain (3639 Downloads)
Assessing the effect of three types of music on working memory performance of medical sciences students of Tehran (3636 Downloads)
Assessment of risk factors for upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders by OCRA index in Meybod potters in 2009 (3631 Downloads)
Epidemiologic study of occupational accidents recorded in Yazd province in the years 2007-2008 (3574 Downloads)
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