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The comparison of ammonia removal from air by a wet scrubber packed with ceramic raschig rings and PVC (32526 Views)
The welders posture assessment by OWAS technique (22566 Views)
Posture Evaluation Using OWAS, RULA, QEC Method in FERO-ALEAGE Factory Workers of Kerman (22301 Views)
Job stress dimensions and their relationship to general health status in nurses (20412 Views)
Relationship between knowledge of ergonomics and work-place conditions with musculoskeletal disorders among nurses of two Iranian hospitals (19187 Views)
Assessment of unsafe behavior types by safety behavior sampling method in oil refinery workers in 2009 and suggestions for control (17648 Views)
Evaluation of ophthalmic complains and related factors in computer users (17624 Views)
Survey of Musculoskeletal disorders among bank staff in Yazd (17058 Views)
Relationship between Safety Culture and Accidents in Textile Workers of Yazd City (16650 Views)
Evaluation of respiratory symptoms and spirometric indices in Ghaemshahr,s textile workers (16416 Views)
Risk assessment & safety performance indicators in designing and constructing phase of Agglomeration Project, Bafgh (15892 Views)
Assessment of potential hazards by Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) method in Shiraz Oil Refinery (15532 Views)
Identification and evaluation of human errors of physicians at emergency ward of an educational hospital in Semnan city using SHERPA technique (15532 Views)
Risk assessment of musculoskeletal disorders by QEC method in a food production factory (15494 Views)
Assessment of factors affecting safety culture in Yazd steel industry workers (15341 Views)
Study of occupational accidents occurred in one of the uranium mines in the central region of Iran during 2006-2010 (15256 Views)
Risk assessment of musculoskeletal disorder by RULA method, and effect evaluation of ergonomic training on tailor working conditions (15109 Views)
Pulmonary effects of chronic cement dust exposure (14878 Views)
Assessment of awareness, attitude, and practice of radiographers about radiation protection in Yazd Province (14748 Views)
The Survey of Incidence and Trend of Occupational Accidents and Related Factors in Economically Active Population of Marvdasht and Suburb between 2005- 2010 (14421 Views)
Epidemiologic study of occupational accidents recorded in Yazd province in the years 2007-2008 (14339 Views)
A Study of the Relationship between the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Road Accidents among Truck Drivers (14327 Views)
Comparison of Sleep Disorders among Nightshift guard men in Iran University Hospitals Using ESS and PSQI questionnairesin 2009 (14129 Views)
Assessment of the effect of personal protective devices on blood pressure and pulse rate in a noisy environment (14057 Views)
Evaluation of the quality of the periodic examinations of Yazd industrial units, 1385 (13801 Views)
Evaluation of relationship between noise-induced hearing loss with age and work duration in tile industry (13592 Views)
Identification and evaluation of human errors using SHERPA technique among nurses at emergency ward of an educational hospital in Semnan city, Iran (13244 Views)
The effect of one exhausted exercise session on serum serotonin and prolactin level of men runners (12974 Views)
Sleep disorders and it,s risk factors in nurses (12804 Views)
The effect of shift work on depression in nurses (12724 Views)
Evaluation of the musculoskeletal disorders and its risk factors in the workers of an agricultural equipment- manufacturing plant (12719 Views)
Review in relationship of quality of life with occupational accidents in RudbarLorestan Dam & plant in 1389 (12682 Views)
Study of occupational noise - induced hearing loss in a tractor manufacturing plant (12325 Views)
Evaluation of effectiveness of education on knowledge and attitude of petrochemical companies’ staffs in south Pars region regarding substance abuse (12275 Views)
Occupational hazards in welding industry (12266 Views)
Evaluation of the musculoskeletal disorders in the workers of a food manufacturing plant in Tehran (12262 Views)
The evaluation of effect of job stress on the risk factors of the cardiovascular diseases among the drivers in Tehran in 86 (12219 Views)
Evaluation of the effectiveness of psychological capital intervention of Luthans on job burnout in the experts working in Iran Khodro Diesel Company (12049 Views)
Respiratory problems caused by occupational exposure to flour dust among flour mill workers in Razavi and South Khorasan provinces (12035 Views)
اهمیت ارگونومی در افزایش بهره وری و بهبود عملکرد کارکنان وزارت بهداشت، درمان وآموزش پزشکی (11872 Views)
Evaluation of the frequency of musculoskeletal disorders and work posture analysis by RULA method in workers of an auto- part manufacturing company (11735 Views)
Evaluation or the relationship between shift work and sleepiness in nurses (11576 Views)
Assessment of risk factors for upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders by OCRA index in Meybod potters in 2009 (11477 Views)
The assessment of occupational exposure of operation room personnel to isoflurane anesthetic gas (11195 Views)
The relationship of Sleep Quality and General Health in shift working Nurses (11168 Views)
Evaluation of the respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function tests capacities in Yazd tile workers (11158 Views)
A survey of hearing protection devices usage in industrial workers in Yazd- Iran (11060 Views)
Health risk assessment of harmful chemicals in order to provide control guidelines: case study in a polyurethane foam industry (11007 Views)
Evaluation of effective factors of hearing protection use in tile workers (10937 Views)
Effect of Milk Drinking on the Level of Liver Enzymes among Workers of Paint Manufacturing Industry (10935 Views)
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